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OnDemand Course: Groundwater Contamination Principles and Remedies

Groundwater Contamination Principles and Remedies

Understand the process required for incorporating groundwater migration/remediation concepts into your case/project.Groundwater contamination sites and groundwater water supply systems are complex and the manner in...

OnDemand Course: Introduction to HEC-RAS Modeling

Introduction to HEC-RAS Modeling

Understand the basics behind one-dimensional computational hydraulics in order to set up and apply HEC-RAS.Many aspects of site development, road construction or other civil projects ultimately involve the computational...

OnDemand Course: Litigation of Groundwater Contamination

Litigation of Groundwater Contamination

Learn about the current issues and solutions surrounding groundwater contamination litigation. Federal and state regulatory structures, strategies to prove liability for groundwater contamination, defending against...

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