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Concrete Moisture Testing

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand the meaning and usefulness of concrete moisture test data that may be presented for evaluation.Concrete moisture testing can be a key element of any new construction or remodel project. Floor covering system failures caused by excessive concrete moisture emission are rampant and completely avoidable. The proper performance of concrete moisture testing is important, but understanding and evaluating the factors that affect test data is critical to any project. Too often the lack of understanding test data and testing parameters leads to poor choices that result in floor system failure after occupancy. This topic will arm you with the tools to understand proper use of concrete moisture tests, but more importantly to understand the meaning and usefulness of test data that may be presented for evaluation.


George James Donnelly, George Donnelly Testing and Inspections


The Need for Concrete Moisture Testing Prior to the Installation of Floor Coverings or Coatings

• Changes in Floor Covering Materials Mandated by Law

• Changes in Floor Covering Adhesives Mandated by Law

• Changes in Floor Covering Materials to Meet Consumer Demand

Concrete Moisture Test Performance

• Concrete In-Situ Relative Humidity Testing per ASTM F2170

• Concrete Moisture Vapor Emission Testing per ASTM F1869

• Concrete Surface pH Testing per ASTM F 710

• Concrete Porosity Testing per ASTM F3191

• Concrete Electrical Impedance Testing per ASTM F2659

Evaluating Concrete Moisture Test Data

• As Effected by Ambient Environmental Conditions

• As Effected by Concrete Slab Design Elements

• As Effected by Proper Versus Improper Test Procedures

Concrete Moisture Mitigation

• High Moisture Adhesive Systems

• Epoxy Mitigation Systems

• Reactive Silicate Systems