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Concrete Structural Repair Methods

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of common causes of concrete deterioration, defining the extent and cause of damage, and managing client expectations.Interested in learning more or in refreshing your knowledge about the nuts and bolts of concrete repair? Highlights of this topic include common causes of concrete deterioration, condition assessment - defining the extent and cause of damage, common repair techniques and materials, use of mock-ups to select techniques and materials, and tips on managing client expectations and contractor performance and costs. You will come away with a better understanding of concrete as well as the knowledge of how to select appropriate repair strategies, and ultimately, better apply concrete in practice.


Jennifer A. Grubb, P.E., Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc


Common Types of Damage

• Reinforcement Corrosion

• Freeze/Thaw Cycles

• Alkali-Silica Reaction

• Sulfate Attack

Common Ways of Surveying Extent of Damage

• Visual Inspection

• Nondestructive Testing

• Sampling and Laboratory Work

Building Code Requirements for Concrete Repair

Common Repair Techniques

• Concrete Patching

• Protective Coating

• Corrosion Mitigation

Usefulness of Mock-Ups

Need for Owner Contingency

Basis of Design Report

Bid Form Strategy and Process-Based Payment Milestones

Monthly Monitoring and Reconciliation of Quantities

Use of a Look-Ahead Dynamic Quantity Log