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Best Practices in Designing Foundation Repairs

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn multiple methods on how to rebuild and repair concrete foundations.This topic will help you learn methods of preparing soil and rock for repair of foundations of structures. You will learn techniques for preparation of soils consisting of a wide spectrum of textures and water contents. The material discusses approaches to managing groundwater when encountered during excavation and foundation preparation. This information will help you gain knowledge about vibrocompaction, blasting, vibrodisplacement, vibroflotation, grouting, precompression, and reinforcement methods. Learn how cracked reinforced concrete bridge girders have been successfully repaired by use of additional conventional reinforcement. Learn how concrete elements may be reinforced externally by placement of longitudinal reinforcing bars and stirrups or ties around the members and then encasing the reinforcement with shotcrete or cast-in-place concrete. Learn about drypacking, which is a process of ramming or tamping into a confined area a low water-content mortar, with little shrinkage, and the patch remains tight and of good quality.


J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A., Guyer Partners


Debris Removal

Rebuilding the Foundation

• Foundation Excavation

• Ground and Surface Water

• Slope Integrity

• Stockpiling and Protection of Material

• Foundation Preparation

• Stable Foundations

• Placement of Backfill

• Lift Thickness

• Density Requirements

Repairs to a Concrete Structure

• Additional Reinforcement

• Crack Arrest Techniques

• Drilling and Plugging

• Drypacking

• Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

• Grouting

• Jacketing

• Shotcrete

• Slabjacking

• Stitching