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Bureau of Indian Affairs' New Right-of-Way Regulations

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Be up-to-date with the new regulations of the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Right-of-Way.

Numerous tribal staff working with Bureau of Indian Affairs contracts, newly delegated agency representatives, approving officials, awarding officials, agency program staff (AOTRs), and anyone working with Bureau of Indian Affairs New Right-of-Way Regulations often require a clear understanding and explanation of the new rule to avoid noncompliance and penalty issues. This topic would help the responsible staff with applying updates to 25 CFR 169, increase the flexibility in compensation and valuations, ensure consistency with updated leasing regulations. Moreover, support landowner's decisions regarding the use of their land.


Marilyn G. Patterson-James, Marilyn G. Patterson-James


Purpose and Definition

• Historical Perspective Legislative Actions

- Congressional

- Public Policy-Energy Policy Act, 2005

- Judicial Actions

- Supreme Court Case- State v. A- Contractors, 1997

• Overview of the New Regulations Effective Dates

- Nonprocedural Provisions

- Noncompliance Consequences

• New Right of Way Changes Clarifications

- Provisions; Service Lines, Railroads, Oil and Gas Lines, Communication Facilities

• Expiration, Termination or Cancellation of a Row

• Holdovers and Trespassing

• Amendment, Renewal, Mortgage Circumstances

Final Rule: Rights-Of-Way on Indian Land

Compliance and Enforcement

Case Studies

• Duration

• Renewals

• Amendments and Resolving Disputes Under 169.201

Proven Effective Actions to Protect the Interests of Indian Land Owners

How to Prepare Successful Compliance and Enforcement Strategies Avoiding NonCompliance