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Groundwater Control and Dewatering Methods

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Gain an understanding of construction dewatering and groundwater control.The handling of groundwater is among the most complex of all construction problems. Controlling groundwater at construction excavations can be can critical matter when groundwater can halt construction job or even threaten bankruptcy of the project. You as an estimator, project engineer, project manager, superintendent or foreman must know and respect Mother Nature. Groundwater management falls into two major categories, either handling the groundwater before it enters the excavation or handling it after it enters the excavation. The decision to do one or the other or both is the most important decision the contractor will make for his project and requires diligent investigation of the jobsite soil conditions.


Harry Bagherzadeh, P.E., Ph.D., Griffin Dewatering Corporation


Overview of Construction Dewatering/Groundwater Control

• What Is Dewatering?

• What Does Dewatering Do?

• Dewatering Basics

• Understanding Existing Site Conditions

• Engineering and Design

• Selecting a Dewatering System

Widely Used Dewatering Methods

• Sumping/Open Pumping

• Deep Well System

• Wellpoint System

• Eductor System

• Discharge Filtration and Treatment

Dewatering System Installation Methods

• Rotary Wash Drilling

• Air Rotary Drilling

• Sonic Drilling

• Bucket Auger Drilling

• Dual Rotary Drilling

Dewatering Case Studies

• Saluda Dam - Columbia, SC - Eductor Dewatering Method

• Paddy Creek Dam - Morganton, NC - Eductor Dewatering Method

• New Madrid Pumping Station - New Madrid, MO - Deep Well Method

• Riverpoint West Street Improvement Project - Des Moines, IA - Wellpoint Method

• Museum of Fine Arts - Houston, TX - Deep Well Method

• Hobby Airport Central Utility - Houston, TX - Deep Well Method

• Austin Bergstorm International Airport - Austin, TX - Deep Well Method

• Belews Creek Steam Station Overlay - Belews Creek, NC - Eductor Dewatering Method