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Ground Failures and Other Groundwater-Related Property Damage

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Avoid ground failures by understanding the impact of groundwater on soil, foundations, and building systems.This topic covers the basic ground failure mechanisms that cause property damage and the role groundwater plays in these failures. We will review recent case studies to examine how groundwater impacts building and infrastructure systems, and updated techniques and considerations in investigation and design. Climate change is a new factor and the magnitude and potential effect on the built environment is not fully understood yet. We know climate change is affecting baseline conditions and risks faster than regulatory control can accommodate. Recent failures provide lessons learned for technical professionals to incorporate into planning and design studies.


Lauren J. Doyel, P.E., G.E., Exponent, Inc.
Antonios Vytiniotis, Ph.D., P.E., Exponent, Inc.



Impact of Ground Water on Soil, Foundations, and Other Building Systems

• Mechanisms of Ground Failure

• Mechanisms of Ground Water Migration Into Structures

Case Study Examples (Update to Include Fire-Related Debris Flows)

• Deep-Seated Landslides

• Mudflows and Debris Flows

• Erosion and Fires

• Soil Expansion and Drought Cycles

• Soil Collapse

• Sinkholes

• Groundwater Intrusion and Rising Sea Level

Investigation and Design Considerations

• Characterization of Preconstruction Site Conditions

• Control of Ground and Surface Water

• Mitigation of Development-Induced Water Problems

• Water/Development Interface

Effects of Climate Change

• Changing Baseline Conditions

• Effect on Risk to the Built Environment

• Lessons Learned - Incorporating Climate Change Into Planning and Design Considerations