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Harmful Algal Blooms and the Impact on our Nation's Water Resources

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Gain the tools needed to make informed decisions regarding HABs to reduce the risk to the environment and human health.This topic will provide an overview of the issues revolving around harmful algal blooms and their impact on the water resources we as a nation use and depend on every day. Algal blooms have created problems throughout history; however, the occurrence of harmful and toxic algal blooms have been reported more frequently over the past decade. The cyanotoxins that are produced during harmful algal bloom (HAB) conditions have shut down public beaches, reportedly have caused the deaths of livestock and pets, have the potential to cause neurological and liver damage, illicit asthma, and other respiratory illnesses, and have impacted drinking water quality. The economic losses due to these blooms have been experienced around the country as travel declines to tourist destinations, water treatment costs rise, and algal bloom control and remediation efforts increase.


Lindsay Birt, Ph.D., GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. Paul G. Davis, Ph.D., PWS, CPSS, CERP, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. Christopher Mayne, CLM, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.


Overview of Harmful Algal Blooms Issues

• The Increased Frequency of Blooms Reported Across the Nation

• The Impacts to Human Health as Well as Other Biological Impacts

• How Drinking Water Supply Systems Have Been Affected

• The Economic Impacts of Inaction to Our Communities

Applicable Limnological Concepts

• Concepts of Seasonal Algal Succession

• Discussions on How Lake Morphology and Stratification Can Impact Bloom Formation

• How Land Use Patterns in a Watershed Contribute to Algal Bloom

• The Impacts of External Nutrient Loading Into Water Bodies and Stormwater Systems

• How Internal Nutrient Loading Leads to Bloom Formation


• What Are Cyanobacteria and How Do They Contribute to HAB Problems?

• Cyanobacteria Biology

• The Adaptive Strategies of Algae That Help Them to Dominate Their Habitat


• An Overview of Cyanotoxins, How They Are Measured, and Regulatory Action Thresholds for Cyanotoxins

• A Discussion of Which Algal Species Produce Toxins

• Potential Health Affects From Exposure to Cyanotoxins

Impacts to Our Water Systems

• Types of Sample Collection and Analyses

• Discuss How Drinking Water Facilities Address Cyanotoxins

• When Does the Public Health Department Decide to Take Corrective Action?

Management Control Strategies

• Discuss In-Lake Control Methods

• Watershed Management Initiatives

• Forecasting and Tracking Algal Bloom Formations

Information Resources

• Available Assistance and Information in Your Area