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Financing and Developing a Storm Water Utility Program

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Learn how to establish, implement and evaluate a stormwater utility in your community.As the regulatory requirements for stormwater management continue to put financial pressure on municipal governments, more and more communities are either required to implement a stormwater program or improve their existing program to meet NPDES MS4 stormwater permit requirements and capital needs for resilience, asset renewal and upgrades. In particular, implementation of a stormwater utility and establishing a sustainable approach for funding the stormwater program is often a daunting one, considering the potential political, public and legal challenges standing in the way. This topic will present a proven framework for a sustainable stormwater program, including the establishment of the need for the program, the identification of an appropriate funding strategy, green infrastructure funding, and process of building public support for your program. An evaluation framework using a program score card will be described for the continuous improvement of any stormwater program. In addition, successful case studies that have followed this framework will be presented. This topic is critical for any community that is either considering pursuit of a stormwater program or the improvement of its existing program in the coming years.


Anthony Dill, Arcadis Fernando Pasquel, Arcadis Mark R. Van Auken, P.E., CMS4S, ENV SP, Arcadis


Establishing a Sustainable Stormwater Utility

• Identification and Understanding of Stormwater Utility Drivers

• Identification of the Elements of Stormwater Management Programs

• Identification of Program Needs and Benefits

Developing a Financial Plan That Meets Your Community's Needs

• Available Funding Options

• Green Infrastructure Funding Considerations

• Rate Structure Alternatives

• Credits and Exemptions

• Data Gathering and Billing Considerations

Building Public Consensus for the Program

• Methods for Gaining Public Support

• Benefits of a Public Stakeholder Process

• Public Outreach and Education for Implementation

Evaluating an Existing Stormwater Program

• Description of Method and Tool for Program Improvement

• Using a Program Score Card

• Enhancing and Tracking Progress of a Stormwater Program

Case Studies

• Mid-Atlantic Example

• Mid-Size South-Central Example

• Large Southwest Example