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Water Audits and Nonrevenue Water Reduction Methodologies

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

There are many recent issues affecting the importance of uniform, accurate and effective water utility auditing. The largest urban growth areas of the United States are in the southwestern portion of the country, including Phoenix, Las Vegas and southern California. Water resources available to the areas are fully allocated and becoming more expensive to obtain and deliver. In addition, these areas have been subject to multiyear droughts requiring water conservation interventions. In the older, northeastern portions of the country, aging water delivery infrastructure is subject to breakage, leakage and concerns about reliability of service. This OnDemand Webinar addresses the importance and benefits of water system audits, the recently adopted AWWA/IWA water audit methodology and spreadsheet software, interpretation of audit results, and methods of nonrevenue water loss reduction.


Stephen E. Davis, P.E., BCEE, Pirnie/ARCADIS


Key Drivers and Benefits of Water Loss Reduction

• Putting Water Loss in Context

• Benefits of Water Loss Reduction

• Case Studies

AWWA Water Audit Methodology

• History

• Water Balance and Spreadsheet

• Data Validation

Intervention Methodologies

• Apparent Water Loss Management

• Real Water Loss Management

• Economics of Loss Reduction