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Understanding Florida Public Contracts and Procurement Regulations

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Understand how to navigate the minefields of procurement code and public contracting in Florida with ease.If you perform public work in Florida you know that almost all public work in Florida is competitively bid. But did you know that different state and local public entities in Florida have unique procurement codes and requirements, different methods for competitive bidding, and strict time frames for protesting a bid or solicitation? This topic will provide a compressed overview of Florida procurement law so that you have insight into how projects are competitively bid, the responsibilities of public agencies, things to consider in preparing a bid, and how a public agency evaluates and awards your bid. You will also learn about common grounds for protesting a bid and the answers to typical questions, such as: Is a late bid automatically invalid? Can a contractor withdraw a bid if there is a mistake in the bid? What if a bidder forgets to sign its bid or include a listing of subcontractors? Learn how to make sure your company is deemed responsible, how to submit responsive bids, and what to do if you encounter grounds for a bid protest.


S. Elysha Luken, Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP