The Importance of a Catch Basin Filter: Keeping Flooding at Bay

Emerson Paynode
April 4, 2013 — 1,945 views  
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When storms and heavy rains come, the possibility of flooding is always present. In rural areas, this is rarely a problem because the soil, trees, and other plants easily absorb any excess water in the ground. However, for urban areas, concrete and other impervious materials prevent the absorption of runaway water into the ground. Thus, a lot of drains and elaborate sewer systems are in place to help keep flooding from inundating cities.

Flooding from urban runoff is only one of the problems that cities have to keep an eye on during periods of rain. Pollution is also a major problem brought by runaway water to a city's drains and sewer systems. This polluted water will eventually end in a body of water like a lake, river, or ocean, so a solution to filter this out has to be implemented. Fortunately, a catch basin filter helps out by trapping debris and pollutants.

A catch basin filter is basically a larger version of the traps used in home drains to keep debris from entering the drainage system. Keeping debris out of the drainage system is very important as some toxic materials can get through and contaminate bodies of water if there is no catch basin filter in place. Small particles that do manage to get through the grate settle to the trap at the bottom of the basin.

Maintaining a catch basin filter is a lot of work. The grating must be regularly cleaned so that the drainage is not blocked by any debris, and the trap must also be regularly cleared of the particles that settle there over time. If this is left unchecked, the particles and debris can spill over the drains into the street, which makes it a more serious problem for maintenance crews.

Many home owners also install a catch basin filter in their backyard to prevent it from flooding. This is particularly important for backyards with a lot of grass and other plants since too much water will kill them. A qualified plumber is capable of installing catch basins along with the necessary traps and filters to support them.

One should keep an eye on a nearby catch basin trap to make sure that is not about to overflow. Be sure to call the proper authorities if there is a problem such as foul odor coming out of the basin and water leaking from the drain. With regular maintenance, a catch basin will keep nearby areas free from flooding.

Emerson Paynode