LED Street Lights: Excellent Energy Efficient Choice for Municipalities

Scott Glidden
November 19, 2012 — 1,181 views  
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LED street lights are an excellent choice for New York (NY) and surrounding areas to help maximize lighting efficiency. Upgrading their older, less efficient lighting technologies in street and public spaces with energy-efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting has positive and beneficial aspects for all of NY roadways and parking lots.

Street lighting is an important asset in any urban area, contributing towards safer roads and greater security in residential, business, or municipal areas.

Traditional street lighting can account for one-quarter or more of a municipality's electrical bill. With LED lighting, municipalities can significantly reduce energy use, resulting in lower energy costs, and improve the nighttime environment in the community.

In addition, regions, national governments, utilities, city corporations and local industries are feeling the pressure to reduce energy consumption, particularly energy deriving from fossil fuels, in order to reduce CO2 levels. 

Now is an excellent time for municipalities to consider converting to LED street lighting for a number of reasons including:

  • Reduced LED costs: LED street lighting technologies have vastly improved and have dropped significantly in cost.
  • Longevity: The average lifetime of a traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) street light bulb is 12,000 hours or four years (assuming the lights are on for eight hours a day).  A high brightness LED has a typical lifetime of 50,000 hours, "more than four times the lifespan of the HPS lamps.
  • Maintenance costs: Due to the increased longevity of LED street lights, maintenance costs can also be reduced, adding additional savings.
  • Financial incentives: Many federal, state and local agencies are offering financial incentives to help offset some of the costs associated with converting to LED lighting.
  • LED rebates: Many local utility companies now offer rebates for LED street lighting that can offer additional financial savings.
  • Visibility: LED street lights provide excellent directional capabilities improving road safety by elliminating stray light. Glare during rainy nights can also be significantly reduced.

LED lighting companies are encouraging municipalities to evaluate their present use of older, less efficient street and public space lighting, eliminate unnecessary lighting, and replace remaining lighting with LED lighting systems.

Most offer guidance and technical assistance to help municipalities update their street lighting inventory, identify opportunities for eliminating unnecessary lighting, evaluate the relative costs and benefits of purchasing LED lamps and prepare a scope of work for converting fixtures to LEDs or replacing the existing traditional lighting.


Scott Glidden

Tri-State LED Lighting