How Long Range RFID Parking System Works

George Huang
November 8, 2012 — 1,179 views  
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Long range RFID parking system is also known as hands free RFID parking system. This type of RFID parking is the best option when the parking users are certainly defined for allotted parking to use on daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allotted parking can be offered on chargeable or free to park basis. The system includes 2 long range UHF RFID readers to be installed one at entering lane and second is on exit lane. This UHF RFID reader can detect the presence of RFID tags up to certain meters of distance as per the unit specifications. The reader emits the radio frequency waves to detect the RFID tags. There are different types of RFID tags available in the market. But each RFID parking system has unique RFID tags. The tags may be active RFID tags, passive RFID tags or battery operated RFID tags.

RFID EPC G2 tags (stickers) can be attached on the inner side of the windscreen. As soon the car comes into the range of RFID reader, it makes the authorization check for the tag/sticker owned by the car. If the tag is authorized, the reader automatically removes the barrier immediately to pass on the car without the stoppage at the barrier and the driver has nothing to do or wait for authentication. This is a fast time saving process to give authorized vehicle access.

RS232/485 converter is supplied along with the reader to make attach the UHF reader to the computer system to get access the UHF reader for configuration and to install parking gate software for online monitoring the status of the UHF reader. The reader can work online as well offline in standalone mode. UHF reader also contains the LED display to show the tag validation or invalid tag status. Image capturing feature of UHF reader can take the image of number plates also to store in database for the records.

Long range RFID parking is the best solution for private users for particular building or complex, where the users are defined and not going to change for a complete month or longer period. But if it is a public place, where user is going to be changed by an hour or certain time duration of the day, for such condition RFID card or ticket issuing is the best option for payment parking station. During this type of parking, the driver needs to get off the car to scan the RFID card which needs to display at Reader to take off the barrier by the system. The car can enter into the parking. At the time of exit, the driver need to make payment and handover the ticket at the exit station, where the parking fees will be calculated by the RFID reader as per the programmed based on the parking time. The driver needs to pay at kiosk or teller to release the barrier to drive away from the exit station.

Thus RFID reader and RFID tag / RFID card / tickets are the great way to manage the auto car parking station for private and public place.

George Huang