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October 12, 2012 – 1,408 views
Kristie Brown
It seems like the government, at long last, is finally getting the message that states are hurting due to a lack of the natural resources needed for survival. Uppermost among these resources is clean, fresh water, and Californians have been suffering from the depletion of this commodity for decades. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), an agency which administers grants, has given four conservation organizations in California $2 million to work on its water issues as well as other projects that are supposed to "spur creativity and problem-solving on California's farms and ranches... Full Story 
September 11, 2012 – 1,447 views
Public Works Resource
Many towns, businesses and individuals have switched from asphalt to gravel roads in the past few years. The main advantage of using gravel is that it costs about one-tenth as much as pavement. However, it isn't appropriate for every type of road. There are also some health and safety concerns associated with gravel. It is best to put gravel on roads with relatively little traffic. The Maine Department of Transportation recommends dirt or gravel for a road if fewer than 50 vehicles use it on a typical day. To ensure safety, cars must travel at low to moderate speeds and avoid... Full Story 
September 5, 2012 – 1,704 views
Public Works Resource
Keeping citizens informed is an important task of city officials. The public works department of cities can use social media as a tool to keep the public informed. Through Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, public works professionals can make timely updates that will keep people up-to-date with the happenings of a city... Full Story 
August 28, 2012 – 1,473 views
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An aging infrastructure could present a variety of risks to American citizens. Simply imagine the dangers residents could encounter if a bridge collapses or a steam pipe bursts - the problems could be astronomical for the nation. Unfortunately, some experts note that many systems in the United States appear to be crumbling, which could have serious consequences in the future... Full Story 
August 13, 2012 – 1,420 views
Public Works Resource
With millions of American drivers on the streets every day, it is incredibly important for there to be established and understood systems to keep vehicle operators, pedestrians and property safe at all times. Full Story 
August 3, 2012 – 1,668 views
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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is important for construction site operators all over the country. Full Story 
July 27, 2012 – 1,807 views
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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created by Congress in 1968 to provide a way for property owners to financially protect themselves in regards to flooding. Full Story 
July 9, 2012 – 1,549 views
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Public contracting can be a risky expenditure if investors and builders do not complete a project in a desired manner. Full Story