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Proving Pricing Delay and Disruption on Public Works Projects

OnDemand Webinar (94 minutes)

Distinguish the differences between delay and disruption type changes and claims.Amongst the biggest types of job cost overruns on public works projects are delay and disruption changes and claims. Yet often contractors and owners remain unprepared for the complexity and economic magnitude of such alterations from the intended project schedule and work sequence. Schedule delay may result in acceleration, out of sequence work, trade stacking, crew crowding and other costly means and methods changes. Nevertheless, these disruption type claims are perceived to be the hardest to prove and defend. This material is designed to distinguish the differences between delay and disruption type changes and claims and to focus on the methods of monitoring, documenting, and calculating project delays and disruptions. Often even seasoned construction professionals find proving and defending disruption claims elusive. This topic will provide methods of proving project delay and disruptions changes and the damage calculation methodologies recognized by various industry standards, arbitrators and courts. Newly published methodologies to link causation with damage will be presented.


Mark Berry, Delta Construction Project Management, Inc.


Federal and State Public Works Projects - Types of Changes

• Changes and Delay ' Contract Clauses

• Schedule Delays

• Schedule Disruption

• Types of Claims and Changes Attributed to Delays and Disruptions

Identify the Change and Change Procedures

• Avoid the "Never Never Land of Kinda, Sorta Maybe"

• Notice, Abandonment, the "Knew or Should Have Known" Dialogue and the Concept of Authority

• Means and Methods Type Changes

Managing and Tracking Delay and Disruption

• What Is Needed and Why

• How to Efficiently Keep the Best Records

• Ways to Demonstrate and Quantify Delay and Disruption

• Linking Causation - the Evolution From Change to Damage Calculation

Damage Calculation Methodologies - the Good and the Available

• Delay Costs Methodologies

• Disruption Cost Methodologies

• Total Cost

• Modified Total Cost

• Estimating Methodologies

• Industry Studies

• Productivity Comparisons

• "Measured Mile" Methodology

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